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What is Seer Box?

Seer BoxSeer Box

Seer Box is a Web Application Security Manager, a product for monitoring and protecting Web applications and APIs that aims to provide a broader view of the security of monitored services compared to traditional Web Application Firewalls.

More than a simple WAF

Thanks to its machine learning engine Seer Box makes it easy to define highly customized protection rules for monitored applications and services that go beyond what is commonly available on Web Application Firewalls, mainly based on a generic signature set derived from the OWASP Core Rule Set.

Powerful and secure

Seer Box was designed from the ground up as an innovative solution in the field of web application security products, surpassing legacy technologies traditionally adopted in this field to provide optimal performance, security and reliability. Its implementation is powered by Rust and Elixir technologies, and the system is fully containerized to guarantee scalability and platform independence.

  • All data processing components are implemented in Rust to ensure maximum security and efficiency, relying on the technology's groundbreaking strengths in terms of speed, memory safety and reliability.

  • Running on the trusted and well-known BEAM/OTP platform results in a highly concurrent, extremely resilient and fault tolerant system.

Its architecture makes suitable for integration into a large set of environments including cloud infrastructures, allowing it to easily handle high traffic volumes without compromising efficiency.

Easy to integrate

Seer Box is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. It can be placed next to existing servers and proxies to analyze incoming traffic.

Similarly, attacks are handled using infrastructure components with blocking capabilities: Seer Box can control them through malicious IP feeds or specially created application-level rules.

More control over your assets

Seer Box provides an intuitive and modern interface that allows you to easily manage and keep track of your web assets, providing statistics and trends on monitored traffic as well as detected alerts, enabling proactive oversight of your assets.

Integrations with SIEMs and advanced analytics tools, along with the ability to automatically generate reports, make it easy to export data, offering efficient management and a complete and informative overview.